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I just worked today.....how awsome is that! - Kenmore Younglife

About I just worked today.....how awsome is that!

Previous Entry I just worked today.....how awsome is that! Jun. 30th, 2004 @ 05:41 pm Next Entry
I feel as if my mission has been completed, last night J read a letter from my newest friend Kat, she came a few weeks back with Dana and then after that night she came back 3more weeks by herself, and me and alot of my friends extended our friendship to her, and in her letter she simply thanked errrreyone from club for being so friendly, and now she's going to camp. See man, all along i preach "the little things" and now it shows, i was extremely delighted to see the imprint we made on her life, like i said before, props to God and definatally Mission completed in my 4 years @ Youth Group. Thanks to errreyone!
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Date:July 1st, 2004 08:01 am (UTC)
Yah I know that letter was so cool. It's amazing to know that everyone there changed this girls life like that. Thanks also for everyone who brought me in too. lolz It's not a letter but it's sincere... lolz thanks again, C you all at camp!!! till then, buhbyez
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